Nobody wants Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is ignored by the filmmakers in Cannes.

The 19-year-old had to go at the film festival, which today (24 May), at the end, no luck on the movie front. How ‘’ reported to be the reason for her being knack edge reputation. The top ranks of the producers is to stigmatize her family literally and has no desire for the dramas that goes through the family regularly. In contrast, however, the filmmakers seem very excited about her friend Gigi Hadid to be, according to one insider: “Many producers believe that they could cast Gigi for her next film, it would not work when standing on the billboards, ‘Kendall Jenner and. Leonardo DiCaprio ‘. Gigi is currently Everybodys Darling and Kendall has to work a lot more to convince the producers. ”

In addition, the newcomer has not yet been worn so the media: “Many of the producers in Cannes come from the US, see Gigi exotic and has not to bear a burden as Kendall Gigi is still a fresher face and they would rather give her a chance.. . ” So Cannes seems to have been a complete success for the blonde. “The producers see it as the next Brigitte Bardot because she has this natural elegance. They believe that it has a great career as a hero or lover in front of him.”

Rolling Stones announce surprise show in Los Angeles

The Rolling Stones announced a surprise concert to this day in Los Angeles (California, USA.) Anticipation of the North American tour “Zip Code”, which begins on Sunday in San Diego and will end on July 15 in Quebec (Canada).

The British group revealed the secret action through social networks with a message sent around 10.00 local time, and the tickets, which cost $ 5, were sold out within minutes even though it was not known where it would take place concert.

The information provided through Twitter only explained that the act would take place tonight at a club in Los Angeles, located in an area with zip code 90028.

The show, according to organizers confirmed, will be held at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, with capacity for 1,200 spectators.

The Rolling Stones, among others, will perform songs from the classic “Sticky Fingers”, published in 1971 and now the subject of a deluxe reissue, on sale from May 26. This disc contains songs like “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses”.

It is expected that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood do not miss your appointment with famous songs like “Gimme Shelter,” “Paint It Black” and “Jumpin ‘Jack Flash”.

The US tour will make stops in Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Detroit and Buffalo, among other cities.

In competition at Cannes: “Mountains may depart” de Jia Zhang-ke

On May 14 last Jia Zhang-ke was awarded the Golden Coach at the opening ceremony of the Directors’ Fortnight, an award given by the Society of French Directors (SRF) to reward innovative and uncompromising filmmaker. Mountains May departure is his twelfth film.

If the film to Bytes
In China in 1999, the lovely barely Tao choose between his two childhood friends also in love with her. Zhang is an entrepreneur who seeks only to enrich themselves while Lianzi working in a coal mine. The fates of these three characters will therefore become entangled over a quarter century.

If his selection was explained to me
If Jia Zhang-ke was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2006 for Still Life, he is a darling of the Cannes Film Festival where it came four times before May Mountains departure. For Unknown Pleasures (2002) 24 City (2008), I wish I Knew (2010) and A Touch of Sin (2013), awarded the prize for best screenplay.

If someone had told me
In 2001, the director shot of China’s pictures with a digital camera and then returned them six years later with a more sophisticated device. By comparing the two shots he realized how the images seemed to him distant 2001. This observation gave him the idea of ​​a film following its characters in the past, the present and the future. Aged 45, he admits to think much about the future in recent years which has also inspired.

If given the Palme
The film is a gem of emotion (s), with an exciting array of a country torn between tradition and modernity, buffeted by the winds of East and West. The jury should be just as upset that spectators applauded wildly in press screening! One can also think of a Best Actress award for Zhao Tao, the favorite actress of the filmmaker. She is incredibly sensitive in this story that reveals the most sensitive part of the director.

Sylvester Stallone exhibited his paintings in Nice

The acting range to that of a painter … This Saturday, Sylvester Stallone was present at the opening of the retrospective that the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art (MAMAC) in Nice dedicated to his works until late May .

“Painting the direction key, the truth is immediate,” said the star of 68 years who has been painting since 1975. “Writing can also affect every way but I think that painting is the most genuine form, the most honest of all the arts, because it is simple, it does not forgive, “he added.

Taking advantage of a mishap the deputy mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, delayed by his presence alongside Manuel Valls on the French-Italian border, Sylvester Stallone is out on the forecourt of the museum to sign autographs. He shoved the protocol by hosting Christian Estrosi himself on his arrival at the museum.

Some Skinny cocktails you’ll never believe are actually low-cal

Trying to shed some of that winter weight you gained grubbing on our fantastic comfort food recipes? So are we. That’s why we rounded up these fantabulous skinny cocktails — because losing weight doesn’t mean depriving yourself of everything.

1. Skinny mint mojito recipe
This skinny mint mojito is made with a simple syrup using stevia instead of sugar, so you can spend your spring not having to worry about summer.

2. The skinny, skinny pomegranate margarita recipe
Just looking at a restaurant margarita too long can make you gain a pound, so we’re grateful for this skinny, skinny pomegranate margarita that’s mixed with all-natural juices and ingredients.

3. Nilla basil daiquiri recipe
This skinny variation of the basil and honey daiquiri is an elegant cocktail, far removed from the high-calorie fruit daiquiris dispensed from frozen drink machines.

4. Low-calorie peach bikini cocktail recipe
This breezy peach bikini cocktail has almost half the calories of the fuzzier, full-calorie original.

5. Creamsicle low-calorie cocktail recipe
We’ll take two of these creative skinny creamsicle cocktails made with rum, vanilla and a variety of fruit juices.

6. Tale of two limes recipe
Hangar 1 Kaffir Lime Vodka mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice are the stars of this reimagined gin and tonic.

7. Trade winds recipe
In a delicious departure from the tiki drink, this trade winds cocktail is made with ruby red grapefruit and citrus vodka.

8. Spiked cherry lemonade slushie recipe
As spring moves closer to summer, these cherry vodka lemonade slushies will make you completely forget the heat.

9. Jalapeño-pineapple margarita recipe
A pineapple margarita sounds like it might be the perfect way to mix it up with a spicy simple syrup made with jalapeño.

10. Cherry bomb skinny cocktail recipe
Homemade skinny grenadine and limeade vodka make this cherry bomb cocktail, er, the bomb.

That day, I regretted to be friends with my mother on Facebook

“I have my mother’s friend and that was not a problem for me. I will never be ashamed of his compliments because it is the woman who gave me life. I have nothing to hide and even less to her. “In other words, Lyndsay’s is an exception. When we read the stories of Kevin, or Mathilde Quentin, one can only sympathize. And above all, intensify mistrust. Facebook is evil, as we know. When your parents drag it, it can become downright hell. Proof by bitter memories of young surfers.

Kevin, 21: “My parents came across a picture of a gentle evening organized at home”

“I regretted to have them as friends when my friends have published a picture of my birthday which took place at home (with my parents). My parents saw the scandal (forty people, girls standing on the table and sofas) live while they were gone for the weekend. ”

And since then? “My parents were quite disappointed and refused to pay me for my birthday a holiday precisely. Since then I filter photos and I rule the privacy of my profile. ”

Eleyhan, 34: “My mother and my mother are at war via my Facebook profile”

“My mother and my father’s new wife are in conflict. I’m friends on Facebook with both. Each time I post something, I must be careful that it can not be misinterpreted or that only one of the two sees. For example, I posted a photo of my daughter to the carnival, my mother has done a movie because she was not wearing the costume she had bought him. ”

And since then? “I always ask my mother by phone not to respond even if I agree with it, because it will worsen the situation.”

Mathilde, 24 years: “I had a beer in hand, my mother told me it was alcoholic”

“I published a picture of me in Belgium with fries and beer in hand. She ordered me to remove the picture because she said it was an alcoholic. ”

And since then? “I told him that I assumed the photo, which was not nasty. Especially since she should know that I do not like alcohol. ”

Clarinet, 30: “During the presidential my father insulted my friends in political disagreement”

“Full presidential campaign. Getting involved for the candidate I support and boasts some articles denouncing other candidates policy. My father never tired to comment on any station and friends who do not share my opinions. My friends argue. My father, in large tirades, processes uneducated and accuses them of supporting a dwarf or a fascist, being mindless sheep. ”

And since then? “I have everything cleared and sent a message to my father asking him to respect my friends. I told him it did not pose any problem to me its advice but I refuse to attack it. I apologized to all my friends. My father was upset. I put in restricted :) Since it is much better. “

Ricardo Arjona pleased his countrymen in concert

The singer Ricardo Arjona pleased his countrymen in the second and last concert in Guatemala City as part of the tour “Travel” tour presented this year in Latin America.

The Guatemalan singer delighted with their melodies thousands of fans who attended Saturday night at Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores in Guatemala City.

For the second consecutive appearance, the ancient building, which included displays and a colorful play of light, filled with more than 15 thousand of fans who enjoyed a concert that lasted nearly three hours, during which the composer consented to their hardcore songs that evoked the romance, nostalgia and indifference.

Denim dress, black shirt, coat and gray hat, among other costumes, the artist performed songs from their older repertoire but also more celebrated as “you know”, “Lady of the four decades”, “Historia de Taxi” “I’m not really just” and “Women”, which were chanted by thousands of throats.

Also pleased fans with more recent but equally well-known pieces as “My country” and “It was you,” among others of the most applauded and chanted.

The composer took time to talk to his countrymen of everyday topics such as football, love, national identity and culture, in passages that were applauded by the audience.

The two concerts of the tour “Journey” were mounted with a fusion of technology with the basics of conventional theater and scenes that recalled past.

They enabled the stands were occupied by thousands of families, romantic couples, groups of friends and the inevitable nostalgic who enjoyed the presentation of the highest Guatemalan idol song.

Arjona, who presents at home after long absences of several years, endorsed once again before their compatriots success, in turn, returned to ratify their favoritism by the musician.

Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales, full name of the artist, born in the town of Jocotenango -Next to the capital department of Sacatepequez, Guatemala, on January 19, 1964.

By selling millions of copies of his prolific musical production, it is considered one of the most successful artists in Latin America.

The singer, who in one of his last visits was awarded the Order of the Quetzal, the highest distinction granted by the government of Guatemala has published more than 13 studio albums, one live nine compilations and 43 singles.

Four of his albums reached the top spot on the Billboard Top Latin Albums in the United States, 10 the first position in Argentina and seven singles were number one on the Billboard Latin Pop Songs.

His career has been recognized with a Grammy, Latin Grammy, a Latino Heritage Award and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, among other achievements.

Reddit launches in video production

This is one of the giants of Web culture. But despite its 170 million unique visitors and 6.7 billion page views every month, Reddit does not really until now ventured into content production house. This will change with the creation of a video division announced Wednesday by its co-founder Alexis Ohanian, at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York.

Reddit will start by offering videos for some of its sessions AmA cats (Ask me Anything), attended in the past Barack Obama, Madonna or Bill Gates. Ohanian would notably have Jay-Z and Beyonce and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The team will be led by Stephen Greenwood and Jordan Oplinger, which produced far Videos for technology site The Verge.

Generate income
Despite its popularity, Reddit is currently struggling to generate income, with a turnover of $ 8.3 million last year. Sell ​​ads alongside text links is complicated especially that sometimes there nudity, as in the episode of the stolen pictures of celebrities (The Fappening).

Now the site will be able to insert video ads lucrative “pre-roll” at the beginning of its clips. History does not suffer the same decline as Digg, which has never capitalized on his popularity.

Michel Gondry sign “Go”, the new clip Chemical Brothers

The teasing continues around the release of Born in the Echoes, the new album of Chemical Brothers. After Sometimes I Feel So Deserted last month, the duo unveiled Go, directed by Michel Gondry. Graphic clip where seven dancers evolve in a geometric pattern.

The director is far from his first clip, the French has even started his career by this exercise, since in the 1990s, he collaborated with Björk, the Rolling Stones, or Daft Punk, whose synchronized choreography Around The World is not without reminded that of GB.

The Chemical Brothers new album comes out July 17 on Michel Gondry, Microbe and Gasoil, his next film with Audrey Tautou in particular, arrives in theaters on 8th of the same month.

Roman Polanski film receives award in Poland

Filmmaker Roman Polanski received an award and printed their hands in plaster for the passage of star of independent film in Krakow, the city where a court weighs an extradition request from the United States against it.

Polanski on Friday attended the opening of the 8th edition of the film festival Off Camera PKO and received the “Upstream” for independence in the art. The filmmaker, who spent his childhood in Krakow, joked he was happy to be winning there “finally”.

In February, the Academy Award-winning director appeared before a court in the city in a hearing relating to a US request for his extradition to that country, where he faces charges of having sex with a minor, a case that it has pursued since 1977.