That day, I regretted to be friends with my mother on Facebook

“I have my mother’s friend and that was not a problem for me. I will never be ashamed of his compliments because it is the woman who gave me life. I have nothing to hide and even less to her. “In other words, Lyndsay’s is an exception. When we read the stories of Kevin, or Mathilde Quentin, one can only sympathize. And above all, intensify mistrust. Facebook is evil, as we know. When your parents drag it, it can become downright hell. Proof by bitter memories of young surfers.

Kevin, 21: “My parents came across a picture of a gentle evening organized at home”

“I regretted to have them as friends when my friends have published a picture of my birthday which took place at home (with my parents). My parents saw the scandal (forty people, girls standing on the table and sofas) live while they were gone for the weekend. ”

And since then? “My parents were quite disappointed and refused to pay me for my birthday a holiday precisely. Since then I filter photos and I rule the privacy of my profile. ”

Eleyhan, 34: “My mother and my mother are at war via my Facebook profile”

“My mother and my father’s new wife are in conflict. I’m friends on Facebook with both. Each time I post something, I must be careful that it can not be misinterpreted or that only one of the two sees. For example, I posted a photo of my daughter to the carnival, my mother has done a movie because she was not wearing the costume she had bought him. ”

And since then? “I always ask my mother by phone not to respond even if I agree with it, because it will worsen the situation.”

Mathilde, 24 years: “I had a beer in hand, my mother told me it was alcoholic”

“I published a picture of me in Belgium with fries and beer in hand. She ordered me to remove the picture because she said it was an alcoholic. ”

And since then? “I told him that I assumed the photo, which was not nasty. Especially since she should know that I do not like alcohol. ”

Clarinet, 30: “During the presidential my father insulted my friends in political disagreement”

“Full presidential campaign. Getting involved for the candidate I support and boasts some articles denouncing other candidates policy. My father never tired to comment on any station and friends who do not share my opinions. My friends argue. My father, in large tirades, processes uneducated and accuses them of supporting a dwarf or a fascist, being mindless sheep. ”

And since then? “I have everything cleared and sent a message to my father asking him to respect my friends. I told him it did not pose any problem to me its advice but I refuse to attack it. I apologized to all my friends. My father was upset. I put in restricted :) Since it is much better. “

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