In competition at Cannes: “Mountains may depart” de Jia Zhang-ke

On May 14 last Jia Zhang-ke was awarded the Golden Coach at the opening ceremony of the Directors’ Fortnight, an award given by the Society of French Directors (SRF) to reward innovative and uncompromising filmmaker. Mountains May departure is his twelfth film.

If the film to Bytes
In China in 1999, the lovely barely Tao choose between his two childhood friends also in love with her. Zhang is an entrepreneur who seeks only to enrich themselves while Lianzi working in a coal mine. The fates of these three characters will therefore become entangled over a quarter century.

If his selection was explained to me
If Jia Zhang-ke was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2006 for Still Life, he is a darling of the Cannes Film Festival where it came four times before May Mountains departure. For Unknown Pleasures (2002) 24 City (2008), I wish I Knew (2010) and A Touch of Sin (2013), awarded the prize for best screenplay.

If someone had told me
In 2001, the director shot of China’s pictures with a digital camera and then returned them six years later with a more sophisticated device. By comparing the two shots he realized how the images seemed to him distant 2001. This observation gave him the idea of ​​a film following its characters in the past, the present and the future. Aged 45, he admits to think much about the future in recent years which has also inspired.

If given the Palme
The film is a gem of emotion (s), with an exciting array of a country torn between tradition and modernity, buffeted by the winds of East and West. The jury should be just as upset that spectators applauded wildly in press screening! One can also think of a Best Actress award for Zhao Tao, the favorite actress of the filmmaker. She is incredibly sensitive in this story that reveals the most sensitive part of the director.

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