Nobody wants Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is ignored by the filmmakers in Cannes.

The 19-year-old had to go at the film festival, which today (24 May), at the end, no luck on the movie front. How ‘’ reported to be the reason for her being knack edge reputation. The top ranks of the producers is to stigmatize her family literally and has no desire for the dramas that goes through the family regularly. In contrast, however, the filmmakers seem very excited about her friend Gigi Hadid to be, according to one insider: “Many producers believe that they could cast Gigi for her next film, it would not work when standing on the billboards, ‘Kendall Jenner and. Leonardo DiCaprio ‘. Gigi is currently Everybodys Darling and Kendall has to work a lot more to convince the producers. ”

In addition, the newcomer has not yet been worn so the media: “Many of the producers in Cannes come from the US, see Gigi exotic and has not to bear a burden as Kendall Gigi is still a fresher face and they would rather give her a chance.. . ” So Cannes seems to have been a complete success for the blonde. “The producers see it as the next Brigitte Bardot because she has this natural elegance. They believe that it has a great career as a hero or lover in front of him.”

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