Scarlett Johansson’s family could not afford a meal

Scarlett Johansson has confessed that her family was so poor that they had to rely on support to get all family members sick.

The ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’-actress who has four siblings, exclaimed in a public statement on this, to fight hunger in America and remembered this on her own childhood in order to draw attention to the problem: “We grew in our family and were dependent on others support to get us food can. The starvation of children is a real and often overlooked problem, but that we can solve together. Currently there are 16 million children in America who suffer from hunger. The is one of five daughters, sons, neighbors and classmates who do not know where their next meal will come from. However, millions of kilos per year are thrown away to eat. It is time that we change it a bit. ”

Your colleague Jeremy Renner joined this statement in a video clip, which he recorded for the organization ‘Feeding America’: “As an American, it’s bad to hear that we have a real problem of hunger in our country as a father it’s even worse to. hear that one in five children suffering from hunger, especially when millions annually kilos of food are thrown away. “

Sofia Vergara is planning a big wedding

Sofia Vergara is planning a big wedding celebration for her fiance Joe Manganiello.

Actually, the ‘Modern Family’ star was taking the covenant of life with little effort in Las Vegas. But because it is the first wedding for her future, she has her plans now changed. Australian portal ‘’ betrayed the 42-year-old actress: “I meant only, ‘Joe, let’s just drive to Vegas’, because I wanted a small wedding, but then I thought to myself that it is really something. should be special for Joe, because it’s his first wedding. So it must be something big. ”

For Vergara however, it is the second marriage. The Colombian beauty was in fact already married to Joe Gonzalez, with whom she has a 23-year-old son. A relationship with the ‘Magic Mike’ actor wanted to avoid the model first because it seemed too strenuous. Finally, however, she could not resist that. She explained: “Well, I just came out of a relationship and I wanted peace and my peace, it seemed to me to be a pretty stupid idea to do something with the hottest bachelors in Hollywood and he is also four years younger than me… That sounded at the moment a lot of work [...]. But he convinced me once with him to go out. I thought yet, ‘Ok, I am working on with him and I simply have a good time’. But then have I met him and got to know him. ”

A date for the wedding, the two not yet been set, but it is planned for later this year.

Ryan Gosling: Directing is like a marathon

Ryan Gosling compared his job as a director with a marathon.

The ‘Place Beyond the Pines’ actor made with’ Lost River ‘first experience behind the camera and was now that this job is fundamentally different from acting. “It’s cool that he [the film] finally comes out. All in all, it took three years to make it. It’s a completely different experience than I had collected so far. If one’s acting one spends a few months Either way this enormous amount of time to invest., is really like a marathon, “explained the significant other of Eva Mendes.

The film is set in Detroit, a place that Gosling, who wrote the film, chose, because he had a romantic idea of ​​this city. In reality, however, looked a bit different, as he further revealed in an interview with the ‘Look’ magazine: “I had as a child this romantic notion of Detroit It was the birthplace of the American Dream And then we were there and there.. was completely different. Families who were trying to keep their home while their neighborhood is being demolished. It was like to be a nightmare from the dream. That’s what I wanted to make a movie. “

Penelope Cruz joined the cast of “Zoolander 2″

Fourteen years after the first part, Zoolander returns with a cast that keeps inflating its stars quota: After Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Eddie Murphy, here Penélope Cruz. Ben Stiller announced on Instagram, together with the arrival of Billy Zane, who played his own role in 2001.

“I am pleased to announce that Penelope Cruz, Little Penny, joined the cast of Zoolander 2!” Said Ben Stiller caption of a photo of Penelope Cruz child.

Direct continuation of the adventures of Derek Zoolander models (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson), Zoolander 2 is expected in March 2016 in theaters. His shooting is underway in Rome.

Queen Salma Hayek delivery Letizia Women Award

Mexican actress Salma Hayek received from Queen Letizia of Spain one of the Women awards, designed to enhance the presence of women in different areas.

In the Casino de Madrid, Queen Letizia, besides the Mexican actress Salma Hayek, to Dr. Maria Neira and orchestra conductor Inma Shara rewarded.

Letizia warned that “in the world of women there are many things that need improvement and change,” including female unemployment, violence, inequality in wages and that time spent by women, more than men, dedicated to the house and children.

He stated that “if we are here tonight for some is because we have every reason to believe that in the world of women there are many things that can be done differently.”

He also referred to inequalities in the workplace and in the division of housework and family, illiteracy rates and marriages of underage girls.

The Queen congratulated Letizia Maria Neira, Inma Shara and Salma Hayek, who attended the ceremony, accompanied by her daughter Valentina.

Hayek was honored for his role as a social activist, he has shown in programs against domestic violence, as spokesman for Unicef ​​and as co-founder, along with singer Beyonce in “Chime for Change”, an initiative created by the fashion brand Gucci to help disadvantaged women and girls, which develops more than 400 projects in 86 countries.

Olivia Wilde: Shocked by reactions

Olivia Wilde is shocked by the reactions to their still-images.

The 31-year-old actress, who with her partner has Jason Sudeikis son Otis had himself photographed in September for a magazine breastfeeding her baby and finds the responses to these photos in a totally inappropriate. The Hollywood star, who has celebrated the first birthday of their son on Monday (20 April),, told the ‘Parents’ resort of American’ Huffington Post ‘: “I was shocked that there are still people who find inappropriate because they think it would be something sexual. I think that says a lot about them. ”

Just recently, Wilde had stood still to want a baby. “[Otis was] two weeks earlier than expected -. A real adventure that is not for the faint of heart The day was wild, but, strangely, I can not wait to do it again,” said the beautiful brunette and revealed that they a fiddle felt as pregnant women, “I loved being pregnant. I have curvy, sexy and absolutely felt invariably female. My experience is great, largely because I was very strong. Pilates has become a healthy habit that made me preserved from typical Schwangerschaftswehwehchen as a sciatica. ”

Nevertheless, the 31-year-old actress revealed that she was after the birth a year ago still not in top form again. “I’m not in perfect shape. In fact, I’m softer than I ever was, this tiresome half counted in high school, where I ‘Krispy Kreme’ Pott and at the same time discovered,” she went on.

Robert Downey Jr. joins Instagram

The actor Robert Downey Jr. used the commotion “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is causing and opened his official Instagram account, where when there are just six photographs, all related to his latest movie.

In the first image, Downey Jr. published “Come for me, Instagram” in an instant where his fellow actors appear in a dressing room show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, While in another picture we see Chris Hemsworth wincing during the red carpet premiere at the Dolby Theatre.

He also posted a video in which he is presented as Tony Stark / Iron Man inside the enclosure before the screening of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. The actor continued with a few more shots, one of which related to “Family Feud” competition held by Kimmel during his show and in which his team was winning, and another which appears next to Harry Cheung, winner of a competition organized by actor to attend the premiere.

The account has 129,000 followers at the time and it also details his official Facebook and Twitter.

Rapper Nelly arrested for possession of drugs … The embarrassing kissing Madonna at Coachella …

The embarrassing kissing Madonna at Coachella
Decidedly, the diva will not stop talking to her. After the release of the video for her new single Ghosttown last week, Madonna made an appearance at the Coachella festival on Sunday. She joined the rapper Drake on stage and gave her a kiss ignited! But the young artist does not seem to have been seduced by the charms of the fifties …

Rapper Nelly arrested for drug possession
The 40 year-old rapper ended the week behind bars. On tour in the state of Tennessee, Nelly was jailed for drug possession following a single police action concerning lacking sticker from the windshield of his tour bus. Police officers at the nose end spotted a suspicious smell of marijuana in the vehicle and found a small amount of grass, crystal methamphetamine bags and three firearms, including a magnum Smith and Wesson.

The new look of Alexandra Lamy
It is a metamorphosed Alexandra Lamy that appeared this weekend on his Instagram account. The actress sported a capillary explosive look: a fiery mane! This new cut coincides with the start of shooting Vincent and the end of World Christophe van Rompaey hopefully Alexandra Lamy then maintain this flamboyant and bright red.

Street-Style Shopping: An Easy-Breezy Sunday Look

Cachella is in full swing, and in addition to the killer lineup—Drake and St. Vincent included—we’re obviously paying attention to what everyone’s wearing. If you’re spending your weekend in the Valley, take your cues from the street-style photo above and swap those dated flower crowns and bikinis for a floor-sweeping eyelet dress. Not only does it capture the festival’s boho vibes to a T, but it’s destined to become a summer wardrobe essential. Shop the look with our picks below and find all our Coachella street style here.

Paris Hilton surprises with its transparent dress

A day after calling attention to the look of your face, socialite Paris Hilton surprised again, this time by a garment that behaved.

On their way down the red carpet on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, the blonde stole glances and camera flashes thanks to a dress with rhinestone applications.

The pieces were strategically placed to cover the intimate areas of Paris. However, when the blonde turned his back could see part of her ass and thong she wore.

Hilton also made headlines this week when images from the photo shoot she did for a magazine style “Barbie” were published.

Beyond the costumes, the image of Paris was what caught the attention because his face was completely different.